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Vocal Playgroup (Music Focused Group)


Vocal Playgroup is a safe space for adults to explore our authentic voices.  It allows us to find expression that feels more true than words and to communicate with one another from from a space of aliveness and presence.  A supportive, inclusive song circle for experimentation with rhythm, harmony, melody and the noises our bodies make when we are truly free and in our power.  From the beautiful to the strange, come play as a child and be witnessed in your unique expression.



Authentic Relating Vocal Playgroup (Relational/Emotional Release Based Group)

We start vocal playgroup by naming what is alive for us and getting present with the group.  We reveal present moment based emotion, sensation and impact.  It is important that we feel a container of connection and support and feel fully expressed verbally before we enter into  non-verbal territory.  From here, we allow our natural expression to emerge.  Often big energies can be moved by shifting into vocal play. 










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