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Songwriting/Recording Sessions

Are you excited to record your very own album or EP?  

Do you have existing songs you'd love to get recorded? 

Would you love to learn how to write amazing music?

Step 1: Songwriting Session


For the writing process, we gather for 1-2 hours to work on our material. We can meet at my home studio or your home. We can complete an entire song within 2 sessions.  We pull our inspiration from our everyday experience, noticing what has most of our attention and then use that material to write meaningful lyrics. Musically, I support you with song structure, chord progression, melody harmony, arrangement, dynamics and more. 


Step 2: Recording Session

Once a song is complete, I invite you to my home studio on Sugarloaf Mountain to record and produce your music. I use Logic Pro and have a grand piano, muted upright, digital keyboard in addition to many instruments. We can add strings, drums, synths and any number of sounds using our software.  I offer vocal and instrumental coaching and support you to feel safe in confident in your process. Recording sessions are generally 3-4 hours for one song.



Since this is a two-part process, I recommend scheduling one or two songwriting sessions followed by a recording session.  If your goal is to create a demo or a mini album, its best to work this way to build your material. Please contact me to book your time today. Look forward to working with you!

Studio Fee: $75/hour

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