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Colorado Sun Goddess Body Frosting

Edible, Organic Suncreen that Nourishes, Heals and Protects!


Organic Vanilla Extract, Lavender Oil, Flower Essences, Vitamin E, Organic Body Butter Blend and non-nano Zinc Oxide. Earthy Decadence.


For the past few years, I've struggled with ways to protect myself from the strong Colorado sun while also getting the vitamin D my body needs. Since our skin drinks what we put on it, I hated going into Pharmaca to find that all the natural sunscreen brands contain ingredients I can't pronouce or- are super thick and smell terrible! I experimented with my own recipes and discovered a blend that makes me feel nourished, healthy and indulgent while providing a light shield from the sun. It smells delicious and has me feel like I am quenching and healing my skin instead of putting on a mask. I mean, I love the sun... and so does my body... I just don't want to burn at the Farmer's Market or on long hikes. Instead, I'm indulging. :) 


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