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Songwriting Therapy

Sometimes traditional therapy, coaching, and personal growth work just isn't enough to get to the core of what we are working with. Songwriting Therapy provides us with a container to dive deeply into what needs healing and to give it a voice through music. The cathartic process of finding the right words and metaphors to express what we are going through can open our hearts and connect us with our power to move through and transform what we are experiencing. It has the ability to expose the parts of us that have been in the shadows and allow them to have the limelight, literally pouring consciousness and love into those places that have been in hiding. When we do this, we free their subconscious hooks that motivate our behavior and can move from our deeper truth and clarity. And often, we notice the wise voice of our soul that wants to come forward in the song and share what it knows, acting as our greatest teacher and deepest reminder of what is most important for our growth and healing. 

How Sessions Work:

I am here both as the musical midwife and emotional support.  Sessions begin by having you share what has your deepest attention in your life. We spend time exploring the issue, getting underneath it to expose hidden needs and fears, clarifying growth edges, inquiring about how it can transform and getting clear on goals. Well often make mind maps or use other tools to get all of our ideas out. When we have clarity about what wants to be expressed, we begin the writing process. I can support you technically with song structure, melody, chord progression, lyrics, and instrumental or vocal instruction and emotionally with tools to help you voice what wants to be shared. I prioritize a strong, safe container that allows you to open and reveal at your own pace. I have a particular strength around helping teens and pre-teens to explore in a way that feels natural and normal, fun and engaging. 

Examples of Completed Songs:


I charge $90/hour. We can do weekly 1 hour sessions or longer workshop sessions. 

Additionally, once your song is complete, I offer recording for $180 for a 3 hour session. 

Cancellation Policy:

I request 24 hour notice for cancellation. I charge a $75 cancellation fee for less notice. 

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